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History of Fidelity Lodge # 339 A. F. & A. M

This is the history of Fidelity Lodge # 339 in Farley, Missouri. The main research source for this history is the Lodge Minute Books dating from October 24, 1869. These records were preserved by Brother George D. Offutt. In 2005, Brother George contacted the Lodge’s Secretary, Brother Roy C. Orth, PM. Brother Roy worked with and preserved these records until 2019.
In the spring of 1869 a progressive farmer and community leader born in Tyrone, Ireland, decided there should be a Masonic Lodge in Farley, Missouri. His name was James Wallace. He convinced the merchants, doctors, and neighboring farmers to establish a lodge.

In the proceedings of the Forty-ninth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of the State of Missouri a dispensation was granted to form a lodge at Farley, Platte County, Missouri.

First Meeting of Fidelity Lodge No. 339 A. F. & A. M.
On October 24, 1869 - (Fidelity Lodge 339 Minute Book I, October 24, 1869 – January 9, 1884)
The first official meeting was conducted. A letter of disposition from the Grand Lodge of Missouri authorized the lodge to meet and work. District Deputy Grand Master Samuel Russel was in the East, Jim Holt was Senior Warden, and Preston Simpson was Junior Warden. The Lodge was opened on the third degree. The letter of dispensation was read. The lodge being duly organized, the following brothers took their places: Brother J. S. Tisdale Worshipful Master, D. G Hinson Senior Warden, George S. Cline Junior Warden.
Lodge was opened on the third degree. Brother S. Tisdale and five other members were present. Due to the age and condition of the document their names are not legible.
The following officer assumed their new stations and places; Worshipful Master J. S. Tisdale, D. G. Hinson Senior Warden, George S. Cline Junior Warden, and J. M. Holt Treasurer.
Brother Simpson made a motion that $30.00 be the fee for initiating, passing and raising a candidate. The fees for the individual degrees were to be $15.00 for the first degree, $5.00 for the second degree, and $10.00 for the third degree.
A motion was made to form a committee to focus on obtaining an altar, jewels, working tools, and furniture for the Lodge.
Another motion was made to form a committee to prepare suitable by-laws for the lodge.
Next there was a motion to hold Regular Communication on the second and fourth Wednesday evening of each month.
The final motion of the first meeting was to form a committee to confer with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows No. 177 for rent of their hall for Lodge use. (Evidence of the IOOF No. 177 being located in Farley, Missouri can be found in The Odd Fellows Companion, Volume III -1867 – 1868, Page236, Missouri Departments, and New Lodges.) As of this time, I have not been able to determine the street address or exact location of the IOOF No. 177.
In the October 24 minutes there is no mention of the motions being passed. Due to the fact that the next two meetings were held on Wednesday November 10 and November 24, 1869, it can be presumed that the motions passed.
The final entry reads “duly closed in due form.”

October 7, 2020 - By unanimous vote, Fidelity Lodge No. 339 accepted Platte City Lodge No. 504’s offer to merge. Worshipful Master John Stewart stated that the history and artifacts of Platte City Lodge will be preserved and displayed with honor.

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