Fidelity Lodge #339
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*** Welcome to Fidelity Lodge # 339 ***  

Q: What is Freemasonry?
A: Freemasonry has a personal meaning to each member. For some it is about making friends. For others it is about being able to help deserving causes, making a contribution to society.
Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organization. It teaches self-knowledge through a series of lessons.
Members are expected to be of high moral character.

Q: What happens in a lodge meeting?
A: Meetings are open only to members. An average meeting consists of Reading of previous meeting minutes, Proposing and balloting on new members, discussing and voting on the financial matters, Masonic news and correspondence, and
admitting new members.

Q: Do Masons take and oath?
A: Yes, new members make a sincere promise concerning their behavior both in and out of the lodge. Members also promise to keep secret the way they recognize each other. And they promise to support others in time of need, if possible.

Q: Are Freemasons expected to give preference to fellow members?
A: No!
Upon joining a member states that he expects no material gain from his membership.

Q: Is Masonry a Religion?
A: Masonry is not a religion. It is open to all men who believe in a Supreme Being. Men of all faiths are eligible to join. Religion is not discussed in the Lodge.

Q: What is Freemasonry's relationship with religion?
A: All Freemasons are expected to have a religious belief. Freemasonry dose not seek to replace a Mason's religion or provide a substitute for it.

Q: Why do some churches not like Freemasonry?
A: The dislike stems from a misunderstanding of Freemasonry and its objectives. The church leaders confuse secular rituals with religious liturgy. Masonry has always encouraged its members to be active and support their own religion.

Q: What is Freemasonry's relationship with politics?
A: Freemasonry will never express a view on politics. The discussion of politics at Masonic meetings is prohibited.

Q: Can anyone become a Freemason?
A: Any man may become a freemason. He must believe in a Supreme Being.

Q: What are the requirements to become a Mason?
A: The primary requirements are:
You are an adult male of good character and recommended by a Mason.
You believe in a Supreme Being.
You are interested in becoming a Mason, no one will compel you to become a Mason.

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